Graduation At Last!

Day after last day of class:

April 24, 2024:

I can TRULY see that God’s LOVE is better than anything I’ve ever experienced. He is so faithful and true. He loves my heart and has been with me through it all. He has NEVER betrayed me, even in my deepest pains. Even when I wanted to give in to my feelings, when I was down, He was there. His love still enveloped me better than any lover or friend could. These are the arms that stay, that never leave, that never betray. His hands and kindness, never stray, so long as I stay.

”Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?”

Psalms 139:7 NIV
He says he will be with you in your deepest darkest nights. He says that He will never leave your or forsake you. Call to Him like the closest friend He is. He will NEVER fail to fill you. 🤍