Breanna brings a message of faith, hope, love and purpose found in Christ, through her singing, songwriting and speaking.  Since she is a second generation American and grew up singing in a Romanian Christian Church, (yes, she also sings in Romanian), Breanna has a spirit of missions and perspective to reach the globe with that message.  

Her song “I Will Triumph” and its streaming success shows just how listeners need the message that we triumph through Christ in our lives and direction.  As she sings and speaks to teen girls and college groups, her focus is to show that we can all triumph through struggles by the hope and love found in Christ.

Breanna not only lives the message she writes and speaks about, but she also takes working at her God given talents very seriously to be the best she can possibly be. Breanna is a commercial vocal major at the prestigious school of music at Belmont University in Nashville TN. When she is not out singing and speaking at events around the globe, you can find her in a practice room, writing, playing piano and singing to be the best vessel she can be for such a great message that she lives.

“I’ve had a great 30 year career in music working with many top singers and
songwriters, and from that have learned to quickly spot sincerity, genuineness, uniqueness and talent. Breanna has all of that but most importantly, she has a
heart and desire to use her talents as God has called to reach out to girls
and women of her generation and be a bright spark of faith, hope and love.”

Steve Ivey

Ivey Music International